Instagram Becomes Important Influence on Purchasing Decisions Among Younger Canadian Women

Instagram Becomes Important Influence on Purchasing Decisions Among Younger Canadian Women, a women’s lifestyle online magazine, surveyed 800 women, ages 18 to 34, about their online shopping and social media habits. The results show that Instagram has quickly become an important source for fashion inspiration for consumers. Seventy-seven percent of the women surveyed follow their favourite brands on social media, and 41% of them do so on Instagram. Twenty-one percent of the women surveyed post products they like on their Instagram accounts, compared to 16% who would post on Pinterest. As for getting their daily fashion inspiration, 54% of the women surveyed turn to social media, over Print Magazines (48%) and Television (39%). Facebook still dominates as the social network most people use to follow their favourite brands or post products, but Instagram, in the short time it has existed, has eclipsed Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube.

More interesting results from the survey:

  • 89% would be more inclined to shop online if there was a special offer (53% would prefer Free Shipping over other sale types: 17% – Buy One Get One Free, 16% – 25% off, 6% – Free Gift with Purchase)
  • 77% follow their favourite brands on Social Media (93% – Facebook, 49% – Twitter, 41% – Instagram, 27% – Pinterest, 20% – YouTube, 6% – Tumblr)
  • If they like a product online, they are more likely to share it on the following social networks:

76% on Facebook, 44% on Twitter, 21% on Instagram, 16% on Pinterest

  • They get their fashion inspiration from: 54% – Social Media, 48% – Print Magazines, 47% – Friends

42% – Online Magazines, 39% – Television, 25% – Bloggers

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